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Our Services

We provide a range of professional tree and hedge services, ensuring the highest level of care for your trees and hedges, and in accordance with industry standard BS 3998 (2010).


We can provide advice on various options to get the best result for your individual needs, and our work methods are safe and professional, following Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

Trimmed hedge

Hedge Trimming

Whether your hedges are a garden feature or to provide privacy, we can ensure they are well presented and maintained.



Landscaped trees, hedges and shrubs commonly require selective and targeted pruning to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics. 

We ensure that pruning work is carried out considerately to maintain the good health and longevity of tress. 


Tree Removal

Tree removal is not undertaken lightly, but there are situations which require the removal of trees. 


Where necessary, we can fell or dismantle a tree depending on what the most appropriate method is for the particular tree and its surrounding environment.

ivy removal from wall

Ivy Removal

We can remove ivy and will ensure no damage is caused during the removal process to any structure that the ivy is attached to.



We can train your trees and shrubs to take on ornamental or unusual shapes.


We can also maintain existing topiary to  ensure ongoing health and aesthetics 


Stilted hedges and pleaching

We can create and maintain stilted hedges and pleached trees


Hedge reduction 

 Hedge reductions are for established or overgrown hedges which need a heavier cut to bring them to the desired height, improve a view, or allow more sunlight in. 

grounds maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

We can maintain overgrown areas of grounds and estates, including clearing and renovation 

picture of partarre with compass design


We have experience creating and maintaining aesthetic and healthy parterre hedges which can add charm and character to your garden.   

Fruit tree after pruning

Fruit Tree Pruning

Pruning fruit trees involves cutting and removing selected parts of the tree to control growth, remove diseased branches, and encourage 

flowers and fruit buds.


Pruning fruit trees is very important to its ongoing growth and health, and can help prevent later issues. 

Fallen beech tree

Emergency Tree Work

If you've had a fallen or storm damaged tree we can make the area safe. 

If you think a tree might be likely to cause damage to people or property, we can be on hand to provide advice and carry out any necessary work to ensure the safety of you and your surrounding environment.

Recycling and waste disposal


We take every care to ensure that waste is recycled where possible, or disposed of safely.


We work with local farms to reuse wood chip as animal bedding. 

More Information 


If you have any questions about our services please contact us.

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